Recording and Composition Courses

Students at Eastwood have a unique opportunity to work, play, and record in a professional sound studio. Our state-of-the-art equipment was donated by esteemed members of our community. We have a fully functioning analog/digital soundboard from the Centre in the Square, Logic Pro, FL Studio Lab, over 25 new PC systems with recording/mixing software, Yamaha Maple Custom drum kit, amps, upright grand piano, and much more!
Check out our most recent submissions to the CBC Music Class National Competition below! (We made the finals in ALL years)

AMU20I: Music Today

Study and share new music from around the world including  Hip-hop, Pop, Latin, K-Pop, Electronic, Punjabi and Arabic Pop...more!  Learn how to make beats, write and record songs, write song/rap lyrics.  Learn how to play and use a piano keyboard and work with music making computer software.  Learn sampling, arranging, mixing, production and engineering. Learn how to use our recording studio.     Prerequisite:  None


AMM3MI:  Grade 11 Music, Arranging and Composing - Music Studio:
Students have the opportunity to compose and  arrange using cutting-edge music technology such as FL Studios(PC) and Logic (Mac).  Be in one of the first classes to work in our Eastwood's new recording studio and computer lab!  Guitar chord playing and keyboard basics will be taught to assist the song writing process. Recommended: Grade 9 or 10 music.

AMM4MI:  Grade 12 Music, Studio:
This course is an introduction to the theory and  technical tools used in today’s modern music  studios.  Topics of study will include song  writing and production, audio engineering on  analog and digital equipment, with an emphasis  on hands-on training and experiential learning. Guest speakers may include industry  professionals and musicians. Prerequisite - grade 11 music.

Integrated Arts Options

The Integrated Arts Program is designed for students who wish to specialize in the Arts: dance, drama, visual arts, vocal music, instrumental band, instrumental,
strings and production technology. There is a separate supplementary registration package and an audition that needs to be completed to be eligible for this program. Click here for additional information about the requirements and audition process or call 743-8265 for more information. Only students in the IAP (enriched) may choose courses that end with a (Y).

AMM4MY:  Grade 12 Music, Studio - Enriched
This course an enriched course for Productions Tech major students, and is an introduction to the theory and technical tools used in today’s modern music studios. Topics of study will include song writing and production, audio  engineering on analog and digital equipment, with an emphasis on hands-on training and experiential learning. Guest speakers may include industry professionals and musicians.