Vocal Music Courses

AMV1OI: Grade 9 Vocal Music: Learn to be a more confident solo and  ensemble singer through repertoire and theory studies.

AMV2OI: Grade 10 Vocal Music:

(Designed as a continuation of AMV1OI) The fundamentals of good solo and ensemble singing continue to be developed through traditional and modern repertoire theory studies. AMV1OI is highly recommended.

AMV3MI: Grade 11 Vocal Music: Vocal techniques and music theory continue to be developed through a variety of repertoire and performance opportunities. (Prerequisite: AMV2OI, or department permission)

AMV4MI: Grade 12 Vocal Music (University/College Prep):

This course emphasizes the performance and study of music from various eras and styles. This senior level vocal course prepares students for post-secondary studies in music. University bound students can use this credit as one of the 6 required for admission. (Prerequisite: AMV3MI)

Integrated Arts Options

The Integrated Arts Program is designed for students who wish to specialize in the Arts: dance, drama, visual arts, vocal music, instrumental band, instrumental,
strings and production technology. There is a separate supplementary registration package and an audition that needs to be completed to be eligible for this program. Click here for additional information about the requirements and audition process or call 743-8265 for more information. Only students in the IAP (enriched) may choose courses that end with a (Y).

The following are comprehensive vocal courses including solo and small  ensemble  performance and one-on-one lessons with a guest professional musician.

AMV1OY:  Grade 9 Vocal Music - Enriched
AMV2OY:  Grade 10 Vocal Music - Enriched

AMV3MY:  Grade 11 Vocal Music - Enriched
AMV4MY:  Grade 12 Vocal Music - Enriched: University bound students can use this credit as one of the 6 required for admission.
AMT4MY:  Grade 12 Music Theatre - Enriched: This is a senior level vocal performance class studying the history of musical theatre  which helps to prepare students for post-secondary studies in musical theatre.